Hi  folks, welcome  to my world!  If  you  like the  Martial Arts, you have found  the right  place!  My name's  PAMELA, I live in Italy and I've  practiced  Ju jitsu  in all  its  forms  (I  first tried Judo, then  traditional JJ  and  finally  spent two years in  BJJ!).  I also attended  self-defense  courses to improve  my  hits... Now I'm teaching  my husband (Steve), and we had  the idea of  publishing  some  pictures/videos  of us while  training!  

11th March 2012......  "TATTOO JUDO" video
                                      + 8 HD pics added!

28th January 2012....  1 clip added with more
                                    zOOm and quality!!! +
                                       images & artworks

  November 2011... 1 clip added  (Barefoot
                                       Pyjama Fight) + 4 pics!
                                    + "From the web" GALLERY
                                         U P D A T E D!!!

26th  October 2011...  1 new HD sexy video +
                                   20 HQ  pictures!

th  August 2011... The  BIGGEST  U P D A T E
                                OF THE YEAR!!! Lost all
                                kilos got in pregnancy :)

                               Two NEW CLIPS & PICS !

22nd  March 2011... NEW GREAT VIDEO!!

28th January 2011... We are on Facebook!

23rd January 2011... Sexy CALENDAR added!!!
                                 + Gallery & Personal pics updated!

8th January 2011...  Two new videos + pics!

5th Dec. 2010...

 21st Sept. 2010  LAVINIA is BORN !!!  



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